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Safe Fire Sprays using the new Flexpack Spray System

We are proud to be a partner of Tectro SMT, the specialist German provider of the Noatec low pressure spray technology

No need for flammable high pressure aerosols - safe handling, easy to use, environmentally friendly

Totally free of gas propellants


F-ExxLogoWhiteF-Exx Fire Spray

The F-Exx Spray is a portable fire extinguishing spray that is safe, effective and easy to use. Light weight and easily stored, the F-Exx Spray is perfect for any space - home, car, kitchen, office, indoors or outdoors

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fexx1.5 small

F-Exx 1.5 F

Small but Mighty - for grease fires up to 5 litres, and for small solid fires

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fexx3.0f small

F-Exx 3.0 F

Private and Professional - for grease fires up to 25 litres, and for small solid fires

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fexx8.0f small

F-Exx 8.0 F

The Professional League - for grease fires up to 40 litres, with only 800ml content

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noatec_logoThe Flexpack Technology

The NOATEC FLEXPACK inner tube expands, during the filling process creating tension. This tension alone is enough to force the content out of the container without propellants, pumps, pressurised or compressed air.

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